Bajgora Wind Project

SOWI Kosovo will construct a Wind Farm with 27 wind turbines and a maximum total capacity of 105 MW. The project, also known as “Selac Wind Energy project”, is located in the area of Shalë–Bajgorë approximately 50 km north of Pristina, in Northern Kosovo. In addition, an Overhead Transmission Line (OHTL) is proposed to be implemented. It will commence from the Wind Farm and will distribute the accumulated energy throughout the National Kosovo grid.

The purpose of the Project is the climate-friendly, sustainable and low-risk generation of electrical energy using wind energy. The Project will contribute to climate mitigation by increasing the share of renewable energy generation in Kosovo and add 105 MW of wind generation capacity to the national energy system.

The Project will significantly increase the share of electricity generated by wind power in Kosovo, which is otherwise largely reliant on coal-fired power generation. The Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) are planned on the areas of Mitrovica, Kosovo.

Information Explanation/Description
Number of turbines 27
Turbine type GE 3.8-137
Turbine capacity 3.83 MW
Total installed capacity of the WPP 103.41 MW
Annual net electricity generation Approx. 320 GWh/year
OTHL name LP 110 kV NS Vushtrria 1- NS PEE Selac
OHTL type 110kV single-circuit transmission line
OHTL length Approx. 19.5 km
OHTL towers 92
OHTL connection 110kV Substation Vushtrri (point of connection to the public grid operator “KOSTT”)

Useful project resources

Final authorizations by Energy Regulatory Office for: Selaci 1, Selaci 2 and Selaci 3